Will the latest Titleist irons help your game?

Daniel Wood

05 February 2024


We love getting into all the different things that makes the latest golf clubs tick. So, if you’re in the market for a new set of golf irons, we’d like to remind you all the great stuff you can find in Titleist’s latest T-Series irons.

We appreciate that there is a lot of jargon and strange words that crop up when you’re researching golf clubs, so today we want to simplify some of these terms and give you an understanding of how they help the performance of your golf iron.

Simply put: will the Titleist T-Series irons help your game?


Solid construction


We want to start by saying that these clubs feel incredibly solid, and it’s largely down to Titleist’s immaculate head design. The chassis in the T200 iron has been reengineered from previous models to create a stiffer structure to give a lasting, pleasing feel.

The clubface is also a marvel and is fitted with Titleist’s Max Impact Technology that sits against the face to give you a more consistent performance. You’ll be striking through the ball with ease thanks to the softer, smoother trailing edge on the sole.


Superb weighting


When you pick up one of these irons, you’ll appreciate the sleek looks they give off at every angle, and the chrome finish looks dazzling both when the clubs are in your bag and when you’re standing over the ball at address.

The T200 has a clean and confident shape. Titleist has given the iron less offset to give it a player-preferred topline, their research and player-feedback has also resulted in finding the optimal blade length for these clubs.

One of the reasons why these clubs feel so fantastic to swing in your hands is the way Titleist has implemented tungsten weighting to make the a more precise center of gravity placement. With a more stable CG, you’ll get a more impressive and consistent launch both off the tee and off the deck.


Incredible looks


We won’t stop going on about it, Titleist is truly the king of making irons that look just as good as they perform. There are four irons in the range and each of them look unique and deserving of their own existence. Both the T150 and T200 are exquisite bladed irons, and the more player-friendly T350 and T400 have sleek and slender head designs. We’re now going to give you a summary of each iron in the T-Series range.


Titleist's T-Series irons

Historically, Titleist has made some of the best golf products in the industry.

Dan Hendriksen | PGA Professional

Now that we’ve taken a look at how the tech in the clubs will help you gain the edge when you’re out on the golf course, we’d like to take a closer look at all the irons available in the range.

The absolutely stellar T150 is a modern tour iron designed to give you the edge when you need it most. This club builds on the previous T100 and has been forged into a more confidence-inspiring shape. The result is an iron that’s faster and longer than the old club, and also more forgiving.

If you’re a consistent ball striker you’ll be taking advantage of all the T200 iron has to offer. This iron is an excellent player’s distance iron and will give you fantastic distance as well as a lot of forgiveness.

If you have a high handicap and you want to shoot lower scores, the T350 iron will be right up your street. This iron has been engineered for maximum forgiveness while still providing a player’s feel.

Ideal for those looking to get more speed and distance in their strikes, the T400 irons are designed for easy high launches. With a larger shape and forgiving weight in the clubhead, this iron will have you striking it better in no time.

We’d like to leave you today by highlighting another fantastic Titleist iron you can get your hands on right now. The 620MB is a stylish forged iron that will capture the attention of elite players. There’s also a 620CB variation that’s a superb, dependably players iron.

If you’re thinking of adding new golf irons to your bag ahead of the golfing season, we’d be more than happy to walk you through what we have in stock in the pro shop.

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