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Fresh spring styles you need to see

Daniel Wood

25 March 2024

With the Easter holidays and the Masters just around the corner, it really feels like spring has sprung and the new season of golf is upon us.

There’s an endless list of things it’s best to be prepared for before you venture into them, and that includes a round of golf. We all love a fresh start, and the new clothing collections for this spring will have you primed and ready to take on the busy golfing season. Today, we want to give you a rundown of some of the best Glenmuir ladies styles currently available through the pro shop.

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Our first Glenmuir outfit

Glenmuir makes a fantastic range of ladies golf clothing, you’ll look good, feel good, and play better when you’re out on the course wearing one of these outfits.

Our first recommendation begins with the Amelia Polo. This delightful polo shirt features a rich and fascinating floral pattern that stretches its way all over the fabric. It’s very eye-catching and a pleasure to study. The piece has 4-way stretch so it feels just as good as it looks. A delightful polo that’s ideal for any round of golf!

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We all know how chilly it can get when we’re playing golf outside, and so we’d also recommend Glenmuir’s Bonnie Pullover. This garment has heaps of personality, there’s a pattern of colourful argyle diamond and heart shapes that cascade over the torso. The cotton construction is snug and warming for ultimate comfort.

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Together these two make a delightful polo and mid-layer combo that’re perfect to wear to any golfing occasion. Glenmuir is at the top of their game when it comes to making golf clothing that looks good and helps you achieve your athletic potential. This pair are super stretchy and will have you committing to your swing each time you take a shot.


Our second Glenmuir outfit

Our second recommendation is equally as comfortable as the first and embodies the warmth of the spring season.

The Stella Polo is a dependable polo shirt that can be paired with any golf trousers for a dynamic look that’ll have you ready for some golfing action. The Stella is a single colour and has accompanying highlights on the collar, placket, and sleeves. This top is stretchy, breathable, and perfect for golf in the warmer weather.

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To go with this lovely polo shirt, we’d recommend the Carina Pullover as a suitable accompaniment. This piece features a delightful mix or subtle colours and patches of floral print. Glenmuir has made a solid mid-layer here that looks good, aids your golf performance, and protects you from the elements all in one package.

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This is just a taste of all the wonderful Glenmuir gear we have available for you. Naturally, the weather is very changeable where we live, so it’s best to be prepared for the cold and rain if the forecast is suggesting the weather may turn on you.

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